Ms. Yamini Dikhale

( Groomer & Vet assistant Vet assist )

It is rare to see any animal recipient of this groomer’s skilled, detailed, and loving care who does not take to “Dolly”,  as she is affectionately called. She is a consummate animal caretaker. At one point, she was tending to 18 dogs of her own! She came to the clinic as an accomplished home caretaker of animals.

She underwent some of her apprentice training at Tailwaggers in Mumbai and here at Raintree. She thanks her mentors  for showing her how to administer a compassionate and professional service to animals. She knows how to patiently and efficiently get a pets bath and grooming done without much trouble. Adept at making sure neglected animals, show animals, companion animals, all with their own personalities get spruced up.

Dolly has the softest heart and infinite patience to detangle matted hair or deal with spitting cats and anxious dogs in her grooming shed. She loves to wield her special grooming scissors, which she won at a grooming competition, and takes great pride in her work. She puts as much effort into a stray needing a spa as she does for a highly pedigreed baby.

She has made herself indispensable in the clinic by stepping up and helping in every single department, from running the front desk, Essentia pet store, or assisting in surgery. She  is a prime example of hard work and passion of a young person exploring new avenues with a willingness to learn.

In her spare time, she enjoys singing and dancing

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