Emergency Surgery

Emergency Surgery

In-house diagnostic facilities and an on-duty night veterinarian enable us to provide rapid response times for critical cases.
Critical Care Team

Critical Care Team

A 24x7, on-duty critical care team monitors and cares for in-patients at all hours.

Raintree was founded in a desire to provide quality, accessible, 24-hour veterinary care to animals in Pune. We firmly believe that no animal should have to suffer simply because of a lack of night care facilities, which is why we have continued to maintain our 24-hour emergency room services in spite of lockdowns and transport strikes, often opening the clinic and operating facilities for a single critical care patient at a time — because every life is precious. As we continue to learn and evolve in our management systems, over the years, we have created emergency room protocols characterised by a rapid response time, skilled critical care staff, and a fundamental desire to help every animal in need, regardless of species or ownership.

What Constitutes an Emergency?

Emergencies include any form of critical injury or illness, choking, bloated stomachs, as well as injuries arising from accidents such as falls, road accidents, etc. If you suspect that your pet may need emergency aid, please call our 24-hour emergency number immediately on 8830207984

Timing is crucial when it comes to emergencies: if you notice anything amiss in your pet’s appearance or behaviour, please don’t hesitate to contact your primary veterinarian. Animals are not very different from humans in this regard — the sooner an animal is rushed to us, the greater the possibility for emergency room doctors to relieve them of their suffering. We follow similar emergency room protocols practiced by human hospitals and ERs.

Once at the Raintree clinic, our vets will assess your pet’s condition and initiate stabilising treatment where necessary. As always, our team will keep you apprised every step of the way, and will obtain your consent before initiating any major treatments. As pet parents ourselves, we know it’s never easy to see your beloved animal in any kind of pain. However, while it can be upsetting to see your companion animal in any kind of distress, we sincerely request pet parents to cooperate with our emergency protocol and trust that we will do everything we can to help ease your animal’s suffering.

Click on the video below for an example of an animal emergency:

Rapid Response Time

Raintree is one of Pune’s only 24-hour emergency veterinary clinics, and we take this promise seriously. Our emergency vets live next door to the clinic, ensuring that when a case is rushed to us at night, no animal will ever have to suffer due to a lack of adequate options or facilities. On several occasions, emergency cases will have been referred to us by an animal’s primary veterinarian. In cases like these, we liaise with both pet parents as well as the primary veterinarian (via phone), often co-consulting between two to three vets at a time in order to ensure that the animal receives the best possible care.

Critical Care Team

Our team has several years of experience in administering advanced therapies ranging from pain management and wound care to multi-trauma cases. Emergency medicine is contingent upon quick action and a collaborative approach, and at Raintree, this is precisely what we aim to provide. From initial assessment and stabilisation to emergency surgery and post-operative care, our goal is to provide quality veterinary care with an unfailingly gentle hand.

If you are seeking emergency veterinary aid, please call our emergency helpline so our on-duty veterinarian may better understand your situation and guide you further.  We request all patrons to please call ahead before bringing your pets to the clinic.

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