Our Story...

In November 2017, Raintree opened its doors as Pune’s first 24-hour veterinary clinic. The driving force behind Raintree Veterinary Clinic was a sense of frustration at the lack of night emergency facilities in the city, as well as a desire to make these options accessible to all kinds of birds and animals: pets, strays, rescues, and urban wildlife alike.

In addition to providing 24/7 emergency services, we wanted to create a haven for both animals and their guardians: a space that is not only kind, warm and welcoming, but is also reliable in its state-of-the-art facilities and veterinary experience. When you visit the Raintree clinic, you will find yourself surrounded by lush green trees and the soft chirping of birds in a clean, stress-free waiting area. While our dedicated clinic staff attends to your animals inside, pet parents often opt to relax in our waiting area, availing of our coffee vending machine, ordering snacks off our Essentia menu, and interacting with our special-needs animal residents.

In addition to comfort and an unfailingly gentle hand, we strongly believe that every animal deserves access to quality veterinary care, which is why we are constantly upgrading our systems and bringing the latest in veterinary and diagnostic technology to our clinic in Pune.

While our physical space embodies this dual nature of both cutting-edge technology and the green outdoors, our co-founders, married couple Dr. Phiroz Khambatta and Dr. Leila Fernandez, similarly epitomise this duality through their medical backgrounds and specialisations, which span over 25+ years of individual experience. While Dr. Phiroz is regarded as one of the foremost veterinary surgeons in the country, Dr. Leila focuses on holistic care, specialising in extensive practices that encompass both internal medicine and rehabilitative therapies. Both doctors share a passion for veterinary and diagnostic technologies, working relentlessly to bring the latest facilities to India in their mission to provide efficient, effective, stress-free care to animal patients. These decisions are often motivated by individual animal patients, as well as Phiroz and Leila’s own experiences with special-needs pets.

Yet for all our efforts to bring world-class facilities to Pune, at its core, Raintree is a family clinic. With Doctors Leila and Phiroz at the helm, complemented by a team of extremely hard-working veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants and management staff, every single person at Raintree is driven by one singular force: love and compassion for all animals.

Our Core Values

Every decision we make at Raintree is invariably guided by our foundational cornerstones: compassion, excellence, and a holistic approach to veterinary care and recovery.

Plan Your Visit!

Given that we function as both veterinary clinic and emergency room, we are unable to function purely on an appointment basis at the moment. We would request you to call us a few days prior to your visit to speak to our front desk team and arrange a time that will help us minimise wait times to the best of our ability. Kindly cooperate with our staff as we work to follow government-issued Covid-19 safety protocols. Thank you for your understanding.

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