Over 35 Years of Experience

We are currently one of India’s only multi-speciality veterinary clinics. Our doctors specialise in:

At Raintree, we aim to combine the benefits of world-class facilities with 35+ years of experience in order to provide a holistic approach towards veterinary treatment. We also provide online and telephonic consultations for pet parents who live outside of Pune city, or are currently on lockdown/quarantine.

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In certain cases, we will consult and collaborate with specialists across a range of medical fields. Should the need arise, we also work together with human doctors. Most recently, we extracted a thymic mass from the heart of a 6-year-old beagle with the assistance of a reputed cardiac surgeon.

We enjoy challenging cases at Raintree, and are committed towards ensuring that our patients receive the best medical care, advice and surgical options available in India.

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