Equine Surgery

Colic surgery on an Arabian stallion, rushed to us from Karjat.

Emergency Night Surgery

Emergency surgery on a dog who was rushed to us in a critical state.

Avian Surgery

Abscess removal and antibiotic-impregnated beads instilled at the wound site on a Cockatiel’s injured wing.

Leporidae Surgery

Dental surgery on Silky the rabbit.

Fusing Compassion with Excellence

Headed by Dr. Khambatta, a renowned equine and small animal surgeon, our team of surgeons, anaesthetists and veterinary technicians have performed both major and minor procedures on birds, horses, turtles, rabbits, cats, dogs, and even snakes. With the latest in diagnostic technology and a fully-equipped operating theatre under one roof, we are able to minimise wait times for both animals and their guardians alike, bringing only the best in veterinary care to our patients.

Like every other aspect of our work at Raintree, we believe in a collaborative approach towards veterinary surgery and care. Following any surgery or intensive treatment, irrespective of whether we function as a patient’s primary veterinarians, we ensure that every animal has access to post-operative care including 24-hour in-patient facilities.

Our veterinarians and visiting specialists provide the following services:

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