Raintree believes in the use of modern science and technology for diagnosis, especially since animals cannot speak for themselves and describe what ails them.

While diagnostics may seem expensive and extravagant at first glance, the cost savings and intangible benefits are huge, especially to the animal. Diagnostics minimize long-term trauma, address invisible symptoms and pain, while reducing extended vet treatment and investigations led by guess-work and human perception.  The illness will be shorter and the treatment specific to the case. Faster recovery and turnaround informed by diagnostics lead to a healthier life for the pet.

These facilities allow us to treat patients based on hard evidence, minus margins for human error and guess-work. The treatment is to the point and specifically targeted to meet the animal’s needs.

The diagnostic services offered are an in-house pathology laboratory, state of the art digital x-ray, sonography, & endoscopy amongst others.

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