In addition to providing medical, diagnostic and rehabilitative services under one roof, we also provide grooming and pet spa services for small animals. However, due to the emergency nature of our primary services, please note that grooming and spa services can only be provided on a case-by-case basis per the availability of staff. All our veterinary technicians and assistants are typically engaged in providing primary or emergency veterinary aid. We would request all pet parents to kindly make grooming appointments well in advance and cooperate with our staff.

Overseen by a trained team of veterinary assistants and groomers, we aim to provide a relaxing yet luxurious pet spa experience in a safe environment, busting the myth that a trip to the vet’s must be an anxiety-fuelled experience for your pet.

As part of our animal welfare efforts (Friends of Blue), we also provide medicated baths and grooming services for rescued animals receiving veterinary care at our clinic. Our groomers have cared for both anxious pets and fearful strays alike, and they approach each animal with unbridled love and compassion.

Our in-house store, Raintree Essentia, also stocks a range of grooming and pet care products.

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