The Raintree Relief Project

Compassion is at the core of every activity we undertake at Raintree, which is why we decided to launch the Raintree Relief Project: an initiative that aims to make quality animal care affordable for all. Every month, we aim to offer a certain number of free vaccinations for stray animals, as well as subsidised treatment rates for the socio-economically disadvantaged.

As part of the Raintree Relief Project, we aim to provide:
– Veterinary aid for stray and wild animals, often in collaboration with trusted animal welfare NGOs.
– Annual anti-rabies vaccination drives for stray dogs and cats.
– Grief counselling for bereaved pet parents, overseen by a licensed therapist.

While our capacity for pro bono cases varies each month due to the unpredictable nature of our work, one thing that will always remain constant is our dedication to offering the very best in veterinary care, and our unconditional love for all animals.

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