Ms. Rashmi Kujur

( Vet assistant specializing in first aid and pharmacy )

Before her first job as a Vet Tech Assistant, the beautiful Rashmi suffered from dog phobia. Never did she imagine she would dedicate her life to caring for animals as a profession. Today she can handle any animal at the clinic with ease, and her gentle handling is reassuring and soothing for all who come under her care. Rasmi loves to pamper and play with her little patients and has the softest spot for cats. Any cat in her care is cuddled and thoroughly pampered.

Rashmi has developed her skills in veterinary, pharmacy, first aid, physiotherapy, ESTIM, and first response care. She takes pride in all she has learned on the job, and is especially proud of her skills in dressings and injections. Rashmi willingly stays up nights with sick animals and won’t rest until they have been nursed back to health.