Holistic Healing

Dr. Leila Fernandez believes in combining holistic healing techniques with modern medical technology to fight disease and sickness.

Our clinic leads the way in veterinary applications of holistic wellness and health.

We offer treatments with acupuncture, nutrition, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and massage.

Dr. Leila is a trained animal acupuncturist. Her practice has brought immense relief and comfort to all kinds of animals with age-related bone and joint problems, accident cases and hereditary issues such as hip dysplasia. Horses, dogs, cats and what-not, Dr. Leila has helped many enjoy a higher quality of life with these minimally invasive rehabilitation treatments.

Acupuncture has helped Leila’s patients lead healthier lives, with fewer old age complications from long term use of pain-killers.

Raintree offers the benefits of hydrotherapy to animals with bone and joint problems, obesity and boredom. Hydrotherapy helps animals exercise in a pool, exercising their joints and muscles. This allows the animal regain  mobility with the least stress on the affected area. Spend some time in our special pool and you will want to swim every day with your pooch!

Physiotherapy is a huge part of healing after injuries or surgeries. Raintree diligently works on animals with paralysis and joint disease as well.

Physiotherapy has been instrumental in helping many animals recover their mobility and we have some wonderful cases of kittens and dogs finding their feet again.

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