Health & Well being

As the preferred go-to for many generations of pets & their petparents, we have created bright and airy consulting rooms, activity yard areas, grooming station, operation theatres, and refreshments pantry arranged to take care of each of you with due care and involvement.

We attend to regular life matters like, dental cleanings, blood & sera tests, cuts, bruises, sprains, strains, over exertion problems, sedentary or unenthusiastic behaviour, swims, bathing, styling, grooming, overeating or not at all, chronic disease management, births, matings, breedings, sterilisations, seniority challenges, broken wings and unfortunately the ripe old age passings of our companion animals.

All wellness springs from diet and nutrition. This often neglected area of animal health is of great importance to us at Raintree.

Our holistic approach includes a diet and nutrition consultation, investigating the history and habits of your pet to find the best path to their long life and good health.

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