Dr.Phiroz Khambatta

Our resident archangel, the other half of Raintree’s heart.

( Clinic Co-founder )

Surrounded by animals since he was a little boy. Dr. Phiroz dedicated his life to working with them. Our clinic’s activities continue his mother’s legacy of hospice and treatment care for all creatures great and small.

Dr. Phiroz is a gifted equine surgeon, with a deep understanding of veterinary surgery and medicine. An advocate of evidence-based treatment protocols, Phiroz will move heaven and earth treating any creature who needs his help. Caring equally for horses, dogs, cats, mice and more, in teamwork with his veterinarian wife, Dr. Leila Fernandez, Dr. Phiroz is the founding rock of Raintree.

He is known to constantly strive for more precision, more knowledge and more skill in his techniques and his facilities provision for patients and staff. He encourages learning, doing and updating our systems with the latest skills, techniques and applications in veterinary science.

Having attended to equine and canine patients in practice for over 30 years, he has cultivated his speciality in soft tissue and orthopaedics area. He is a much in demand specialist veterinarian in the world of sports medicine and complex trauma cases.

His expectation of the clinic is to provide a fun and friendly workplace that gives detailed attention to each individual patient.

Dr. Phiroz completed his Bachelors in Veterinary Science from Nagpur, and subsequently  his Master’s in Veterinary Science specialising in Surgery from the Bombay Veterinary College.

He has a Postgraduate Certificate Specialisation in Small Animal Surgery (UK). He is a Board Member of the World Equine Veterinary Association and serves on the editorial board of the Equine Veterinary Education Journal (UK).

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