Dr. Leila Fernandez Khambatta

One half of the heart of Raintree.
( Clinic Co-founder )

Dr. Leila’s approach comes from a calm energy driven by a logical investigative focus. Having grown up in a home filled with all kinds of animals like mice, squirrels,  birds, cats, dogs and deer, she felt naturally inclined to pursue the veterinary sciences. Her commitment to perfection, scientific background and tough demeanour is balanced by her love for classical music, design and the culinary arts.

Combining intelligence with innate elegance, Leila infuses her brand of special into everything she does. Dr. Leila integrates an all-round humane and holistic approach in the successful treatment and rehabilitation of sick animals. She focuses on combining alternative therapies including diet and nutrition, physiotherapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, with evidence-based treatment.

She can also treat leopards, kites, amphibians and exotic pets, when she is not treating race horses or the neighborhood dogs and cats.

As a staff veterinarian in the clinic, Dr. Leila appreciates the clinic’s diverse, satisfying case load of disciplined, evidence based and well documented patient base.

It provides her with a continuing education work environment conducive to research and maintains the constancy of intellectual product engagement.

Dr. Leila Fernandez completed her Bachelor’s & Master’s from the Bombay Veterinary College. She undertook a course in veterinary acupuncture in Switzerland and interned under Dr. Kerry Ridgeway in California, USA. In Mumbai, she worked at Dr. Vengsarkar’s clinic in the early 90’s.  After marrying Dr. Phiroz, she started an equine practice and developed a keen interest in sports medicine.

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